Quarantine of the Covid-19 pandemic in suicide: A psychological autopsy

Medico-Legal Journal, Ahead of Print.
The epidemiology of suicide has identified numerous psychiatric and occupational risk factors. The circumstances surrounding a suicide are fundamental to determining whether its characteristics will play a crucial role in the decision-making process. The state of emergency arising from the Covid-19 pandemic has introduced a new element, given the general concern and feelings of alarm which are global. The most suitable forensic method to analyse these cases is the psychological autopsy. This study’s purpose is to analyse the application of the psychological autopsy method to evaluate the impact of the pandemic where government lockdowns impose restrictions on personal freedom. We set out to consider how far this together with other factors may induce suicide. The literature does not as yet offer us a retrospective analysis of the influence of the global pandemic state on rates of suicide. Accordingly, we report a forensic case and examine the critical issues and problems in the management of these cases.

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