Unusual cases of suicidal electrocution using a homemade device

Medico-Legal Journal, Ahead of Print.
BackgroundThe common methods of suicide are hanging and poisoning. Suicidal electrocution using a homemade device is very rare. Victims usually possess knowledge of electrical circuits. Here, we report two cases of suicide by electrocution using a homemade device.Case presentation: Case 1: A retired electrical technician was found unresponsive in his bedroom, with two bare copper wires; one encircling the index finger of the left hand, and the other placed in the mouth. The other ends of the wires were connected to a wall plug supplying 220 V current. Forensic autopsy and microscopic findings attributed death to suicidal electrocution.Case 2: A 51-year-old-man was found dead in the bathroom with bare copper wires encircling both wrists and connected to a wall plug carrying 220 V current. Death scene investigation, necropsy, histological tests and toxicological screening indicated suicide by electrocution.

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