Problems in managing a co-morbid patient with no previous medical records undergoing alternative therapy

Medico-Legal Journal, Ahead of Print.
Individuals with intellectual disability are often uncooperative for complete dental evaluation and treatment. Many of these patients fall within autistic spectrum disease. These patients are also said to be associated with other medically relevant disorders such as seizures, and metabolic and hormonal dysfunction. Undertaking treatment of such patients under general anaesthesia will require complete medical evaluation. As many of the antiepileptic drugs interact with anaesthetic agents, a sound knowledge of drugs taken by the patient is necessary. However, when the patient is under alternative therapy, this problem becomes multi-fold. This paper will discuss the basic, but real problems with the gap of understanding between allopathic and alternative therapy, the importance of reviewing the patients’, previous medical records, and its medico-legal consequences. It will also raise the issue of delays in management with increased cost and time of hospitalisation in such patients.

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